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Not only in Europe, but in the whole world, people are changing places. It can be because of work, marriage or war. Even if the causes are different, the goal is the same: to live "better" and "healthy".

We have been working with the "Together in Europe" project to deal with immigration and refugee status in our countries.

For this purpose, we recognized each other and chose the logo which best describes our project. We searched immigrants and refugees of our countries. We tried to identify the homeland of immigrants and refugees. We made interviews with them and shared our thoughts on our wall.

Although there are boundaries between our countries, we live under the same sky. With this Motto, we made efforts to reconcile with immigrants and refugees, and we got closer to each other.

Working on this project was a pleasure and a great success for us.

As Konrad Adenauer says:

'We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon'

As A last word