TOG Manufacturing Guide 2023

Provide better foot health for your patients with Gaitscan .

Additions and Modifications

The Orthotic Group has been providing healthcare professionals lower extremity solutions for more than forty years . This guide was created for you to easily determine the ideal combination of orthotic additions and modifications for your patient ’ s unique needs .
GaitScan™ is a technologically superior assessment tool that improves the clinical evaluation process by providing you with a clear picture of foot mechanics . The detailed reports produced by the GaitScan™ system will allow you to prescribe the best custom orthotic solutions for your patients .
Unrivaled Diagnostic tool with static and dynamic scan capability .
Metatarsal Pad :
Perfect for treating forefoot / transverse arch problems such as dropped metatarsals , metatarsalgia , hallux valgus , interdigital neuroma , interdigital bursitis , hammer toes , excessive callousing and a reduced transverse arch .
Full Heel Cushion :
Specifically designed for patients with plantar fasciitis , a non-centrally located heel spur , loss of fat pad or those who require additional rearfoot shock absorption .
Heel Spur Pad :
Specifically used for treating patients with centrally located heel spurs .
Hole in Heel :
Designed to accommodate heel spurs in dress shoes where a spur pad may cause fitting problems .
Reverse Morton ’ s Extension : plantarflexed first ray , hallux limitus , sesamoiditis , and severe forefoot valgus deformity .
3D animated clinical videos
Industry leading data capture rate at 300 frames / second
Patient reporting
How will GaitScan™ help grow your practice ?
Offers superior visual impact for patient education
Increases sales of prescription orthotics
Provides documentation for insurance claims and the patients ’ referring physician
Patients ’ increased compliance to follow a recommendation for prescription orthotics
A portable tool for outreach events and screening
Morton ’ s Extension :
Designed for patients with a dorsiflexed first ray , turf toe , hallux rigidus or patients with a short 1st metatarsal . ( Short 1st metatarsals are very rare and are not to be confused with long 2nd metatarsals ).
Reinforced Arch :
Used most commonly when a patient is more than 280 lbs and requires more biomechanical support than our most rigid ( 3.5mm ) orthotic can offer .
Extra Foam Padding Under Topcover :
For patients who require additional shock absorption and / or cushioning .
Extrinsic Forefoot Posts :
Non-weight bearing forefoot varus or valgus deformity .
Forefoot Pad to Sulcus :
Used for patients that require extra cushioning under the metatarsals or loss of fat pad under the metatarsals .

Custom Foot Orthotics Guide

Gives your clinic a competitive edge
Sub-Metatarsal Accommodation :
To accommodate plantar warts , corns , severe callouses and dropped metatarsals .
Neuroma Pad : 1-2 , 2-3 , 3-4 , 4-5 :
Specifically used to alleviate symptoms of interdigital neuroma , intermetatarsal bursitis .
Heel Raise :
A unilateral lift is used for patients who have an anatomical limb length discrepancy . A small heel lift can also be used bilaterally to treat patients with limited ankle dorsi flexion ( ie Equinis ) or Achilles tendonosis .
Rearfoot Extrinsic Posts :
Used for moderate to severe over pronators , unstable feet , and people who weigh more than 240 lbs .
Hard Medial / Lateral Flange :
For severely pronated , pes planus , everted foot types or genu valgum ; stabilizes the subtalar and midtarsal joints .
* Practices who use Gaitscan to evaluate their patients and prescribe custom foot orthotics generate more revenue than practices using standard foam boxes or casting techniques .
1st Metatarsal Cut-Out :
Most commonly used with functional hallux limitus and supinators . A 1 st metatarsal cut-out drops the first metatarsal down ( into plantarflexion ) and forces the forefoot into pronation , achieving a better toe-off and heel strike .
Deep Heel Cup :
Offers greater stability for severe over pronators . Assists in gathering fatty tissue under the calcaneus .
Medial Rearfoot Skive :
To intrinsically correct for excessive over pronation .

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