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M A RK E T I NG 10 Critical Components of an Elite Medical Answering Service Setting yourself up for success begins with your due diligence. By Don Thaler Remember back when you were an idealistic medical school student with aspirations of being a doctor? You just knew that you would wrap up all of your time, energy and focus on your patients and help change their lives for the better. As one of the truly dedicated people who has graduated from medical school, survived residency, and have become an independent physician, then you well aware that there is considerably more that goes into “the business” of medicine than the formative moments shared with your patients, changing their lives for the better. “In the healthcare sector, an answering service has a heightened responsibility due to the medical nature of the calls and messages they are handling, therefore a higher (and legal) duty to dedicate themselves to security and privacy. ” 29 TODAY ’ S P R A C T I C E: C H A N G I N G T H E B U S I NES S OF M EDI C I NE