TJCL Torch TJCL 2020 Winter Torch - Page 4

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Salvete omnes! I’m Ann Wilson, your 2019-2020 Torch editor. I am so excited for y’all to see this Torch. It's been an eventful past few months for the TJCL and there is so much to show you. Every area of Tennessee has had a regional convention and it has been amazing to watch all of you compete and get closer with your JCL families. I hope that you all have had as much fun at these events as I have. For those of you from Middle Tennessee who are wondering where the midstate feature is, that is happening as I write this letter and will be featured in the next Torch. TJCL convention is coming up soon and I strongly encourage all of you to come and have a blast. Also, if you've ever wondered what it was like to be a TJCL officer, you should run for office at convention. The prefiling deadline is soon. I have made so many friends after running for office and I'm sure that you too. This Torch features a little something new in the form of the meme contest! I loved seeing all of your submissions and I hope that you enjoyed making them. You were all so funny and creative, but I did have to choose a few winners. I'm sure you're wondering who won, so please enjoy the 2020 Winter Torch! Ann Wilson 2019-2020 TJCL Torch editor 3