TJCL Torch TJCL 2020 Winter Torch - Page 16

MONTGOMERY COUNTY REGIONALS On Saturday, January 18th, the Junior Classical League Regionals competition was held at Clarksville High School, an event where JCLers from Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School, RePublic High School, Clarksville High School, West Creek High School, Montgomery Central High School, Northeast High School, and Rossview High School competed in Certamen (think Latin Jeopardy) and testing (Latin grammar, Roman and Greek History, Roman Life, Greek Mythology, Latin Literature, Latin vocabulary, Latin derivatives, et al.) for gold medals-- I mean assorted colored ribbons. While testing happened throughout the week, students got one last chance the morning of Regionals with 21 students taking advantage of an extra all-night- study session and testing Saturday morning. After testing ended, frantic JCLers pigged out on pizza waiting for Certamen to begin. Certamen at Montgomery County Regionals is always such a fun event for me, personally, it’s atmosphere is friendlier than at other competitions-- offering teams a less- bellicose warm-up for the coming Mid- State and State competitions (i.e. fewer tears are shed). Here, there are lots of opportunities to stand out and plenty of chances to talk to those JCLers who are not members of their own JCL cult. I, personally, have lots of friends throughout Montgomery County whom I only see at these events and geeking out with them never gets old.  Regionals provides JCLers with a mildly-competitive environment where the colosseum is more relaxed and the fights are not nearly as deadly (literally)-- plus we get to eat pizza instead of killing carbon-based beings. Teams also form bonds after years of battling and a few joint excursions to find food (shout out to Westcreek who adopted me last year at State when I was abandoned by my team). At most competitions, the environment is as cut- throat and brutal as befits a good Roman, but here, Regionals gives students/competitors a chance to practice and improve without the shame of an imperial thumbs down! Hannah Dodson Rossview High School 14