TJCL Torch TJCL 2020 Winter Torch - Page 15

MEMPHIS FALL FESTIVUS Grievances, where participants (taking on the role of their favorite Aeneid character) dramatically expressed their woes to their offender; and more. We even had a meme contest, allowing students to channel their inner creativity. Finally, the aspiring engineers constructed authentic Roman catapults, of varying sizes, to take part in the Catapult Contest. If all these contests failed to interest a participant, the Latin scholar could go see a Classical-themed movie or solve mysteries at the Escape Room. After a great fun-filled day for all, it was time to celebrate the winners. I had the pleasure of handing out awards to all the accomplished Latin scholars. I was highly impressed by the great achievements of my school and all the other schools across the Memphis area. As such, I highly encourage all of you to attend the Fall Festivus next year and come to the TJCL State Convention in Memphis, in which you will get to participate in similar events. Books collected from the book drive benefitting Free Little Libraries at Fall Festivus Saksham Saksena 2019-2020 TJCL Communications Coordinator 13