TJCL Torch TJCL 2020 Winter Torch - Page 14

MEMPHIS FALL FESTIVUS Salvete Omnes! Every year schools across West Tennessee participate in the Fall Festivus in November. This day-long convention is comparable to the Mid-State convention and the Knoxville Latin Fair. This year’s Fall Festivus was held at Houston High School in Germantown, TN. Fall Festivus is a day of fun-filled activities for all cohorts of Latin enthusiasts. Starting the day, we had an introductory speech from Houston High’s Sponsor, Dr. Abigail Simone, and Houston High officers. We also had West Tennessee TJCL Student Officers (Akbar Latif, Saksham Saksena, and Ann Wilson) give speeches introducing TJCL and the book drive they hosted at Festivus. Moving on in the day, students took academic tests. Fall Festivus offers two distinct academic tests: the Vocabulary Test and the Mythology Test. After taking their tests, students go in all directions to different activities to entertain all cohorts. For those enterprising scholars, they could continue their Latin academic pursuits by participating in the Mythology Spelling Bee. Those itching to show off their superior athletic skills went to the Olympika events. From Javelin to Discuss and even Trigon, it was a perfect (or at least near perfect) re- creation of the ancient Olympic games. The artistically inclined Latin students participated in the many dramatic arts and fine arts competitions. Fall Festivus offered an art competition, in which participants could create any form art as long as it related to the Aeneid (the theme of this year’s Fall Festivus); a costume contest, in which you could represent your favorite character from mythology; an Airing of 12