TJCL Torch TJCL 2020 Winter Torch - Page 11

CHAPTER UPDATES Salvete! SMS The St. Mary's chapter has been busy since the last Torch was released. On November 2, Memphis held its annual Festivus competition at Houston High School where St. Mary's students placed 1st in costume contest, 2nd and 3rd in Mythology, and 2nd in Airing of Grievances. After their wins at Festivus, St. Mary's students and teachers celebrated their annual Cena Romana dinner, where movies that Latin levels II through V made were premiered  at the dinner. St. Mary's is excited to be one of the many schools in the host city for this year's TJCL Convention and cannot wait to see everyone there. - Bella Littleton MUS has had a busy year. In the fall we participated in Memphis’s local Veterani Dinner —an event to honor those Latin students who have made it to Latin’s highest levels, where we listened to Dr. Geoff Bakewell, professor of Greek and Roman Studies at Rhodes College— and we attended another local event, Fall Festivus. At Houston High School, MUS students performed well at this local version of the annual TJCL State Convention. In the winter, the MUS Latin Club came together to celebrate Saturnalia, the Roman equivalent of Christmas. In MUS’s tradition of generosity, students decorated brown paper sacks with classical images to be filled later with lunches for local fireman. MUS Latin students this year have been and will continue to be competitive in Latin contests including the ACTFL Latin Interpretive Reading Assessment, the Classical Association of the Middle West and South Translation Contest, and the National Latin Exam. Finally, the MUS Latin Club looks forward to April 24th and 25th for the annual TJCL State Convention; we hope to continue to bear the Classical tradition in Tennessee along with all our fellow classicists. - Arjun Puri MUS 9