TJCL Torch Pre-State Torch 2019 - Page 8

webb school of knoxville 55 members 22 attending 2019 convention 8 th -12 th grade: Latin I-V AP Sponsors: Jenny Fields and Sarah Parsly O icers: consul senior-Langston Shellist consul iunior—Parker Irish historian—Luke Howard praetor—Luke Kvamme praeco—Jake Loveday  arbiter studii—Ben Davis Meetings: approximately once a month Activities: Induction ceremony: September UT Latin Day: October Knoxville Latinfest: November Toga Day: January/February Cena Romana (Roman dinner): January/February National Latin Exam: March Latin convention: April Latin T shirt day: May The Latin club at Webb is very active.  On September 12, we kicked o f the year with our induction ceremony, led by student o icers, in which all members speak and sign the JCL creed. On October 4th, Middle School and Upper School Latin students attended UT Latin Day.  On November 11th, students competed with area schools at the Knoxville Latinfest. On February 1st, all students made their own togas which they wore to school and then out to dinner at Gondalier restaurant. Over 25 students participated in the dinner, which certainly got a lot of looks from the other restaurant patrons. On March 12th, the National Latin Exam was given to all Latin students, 8th -12th grade.  Currently we are working in class on preparation for Latin convention in Chattanooga.  We will be making costumes, making a banner, writing and directing a skit, in addition to our other preparations, both academic and otherwise.  All of the activities continue amid our regular schedule of classes. We use the Cambridge Latin Course, except in Latin IV, in which we read selections from Ovid and Catullus, and Latin V AP which is currently delving into Vergil’s Aeneid a ter inishing Caesar’s de Bello Gallico. Jenny Fields, Webb School of Knoxville