TJCL Torch Pre-State Torch 2019 - Page 7

Chapter Updates BEARDEN HIGH SCHOOL BHS Latin Club hosted Medieval Day on March 2, 2019. This event was intended as an educational outreach to the community about Latin and medieval studies. This event included activities such as Latin karaoke, Medieval fighting demos, and musical performances accurate to the time period, as well as games and coloring sheets for the children to enjoy.  UT MARCO institute contributed to this event . - Nicole Robinson CLAY TARGET HIGH SCHOOL We are so proud of our JCL members this year! With their help, we have increased our club size, which has resulted in our largest delegation for convention for CMS. Not only have we increased our numbers, but more 7th and 8th graders have participated and committed to meetings.  Every Friday after school, our club facilitated a blend of everyone’s interests in Latin- certamen, mythology, art, and more. By learning and exploring these topics together, we all have developed friendships and a greater appreciation for Latin.  -President Rebecca Raynor and Treasurer/Historian Jenna Meyers SMYRNA HIGH SCHOOL Every year, we volunteer with a local nonprofit called ABLES that provides recreational activities for people in the community with special needs at Smyrn's annual breakfast with Santa. - Ashley Manning