TJCL Torch Pre-State Torch 2019 - Page 3

A Letter From the Editor Salvete, Omnes! With state convention only a few days away, I want to say thank you to each and every chapter that submitted to both the Torch and the photo of the month contest. The Torch serves as a platform for the chapters of the TJCL, so sending in updates is crucial for making your chapter's voice heard. A ter convention, send in articles and pictures detailing your chapter's experience to be featured in the post-state Torch. Remember to take lots of photographs for the photo of the month contest as well! Keep an eye out for the candidacy Torch which will be published during the convention itself. A ter the nominations committee meeting, there will be a Torch published with information on each candidate for student o ice. This is a great way to be informed about your potential o icers so make sure to read it over! Your o icers have been hard at work to ensure a successful convention, and we cannot wait to see each of you in Chattanooga! Grayson Cobb 2018-2019 TJCL Editor