TJCL Torch April 2019 Torch - Page 6

Midstate convention On February 20th, Hume Fogg was given the opportunity of hosting the Midstate JCL convention. Students from all over middle Tennessee attended, and braved the inclement weather to come be a part of this wonderful experience. Midstate lasted during the school day, ending at about 2 PM. First there was general assembly, followed by academic testing. Testing went until Lunch, and the JCLer’s were given a lunch break. Hume- Fogg is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, and the students were given a chance to go out for lunch at any of the nearby restaurants. Next was the costume contest. This was held in the auditorium and was a great place to go and relax a ter lunch, while being able to watch people present their costumes. Finally, there was the awards ceremony, which was also held in the auditorium. Many Hume-Foggers won awards this year, and overall we placed 2nd in our division, following USN. Every year we are so grateful to be able to host the convention, and we welcome other schools with open arms. See everyone next year, we JCLove ya’ll!! - Georgia Fleming, Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet 6