TJCL Torch April 2019 Torch - Page 4

Webb School of Knoxville The Latin club at Webb School of Knoxville has been busy in 2019!  On February 1st, we held our 3rd annual Toga Day. Every Latin student made and wore a Roman costume to school that day.  Then 25 students gathered for dinner that evening at the Gondolier Italian restaurant, still wearing their togas!  It was a lot of fun and a great way to show o f our Latin spirit. We have also voted for the design of our Latin club T- shirt and are getting ready for the National Latin Exam and Latin Convention in Chattanooga. - Jenny Fields, Webb School of Knoxville Students at Webb School of Knoxville gather for the 3rd annual Toga Day. to y a w t ea r g a d n an u f f ." o t i t r i o p l s a a tin L r " It w a s u o ff o w o h s 4