TJCL Torch 2019 TJCL Fall Torch - Page 14

SPIRIT As convention drew nearer, so did my hope of being able to pack all the spirit supplies. Unlike the year before, the TN delegation took a plane to reach the destination of Fargo, North Dakota. With the help of the amazing TJCL Parliamentarian, Yashu Tang, spirit supplies were created in a timely manner and stuffed into a very large suitcase weighing 47 pounds. The rest of the supplies were shipped in a very, very large box. And with that, we were off to the land of bison and grass. As usual, State T-shirt day came first, and the delegation repped their yellow bee shirts, a nod to this year’s theme (Apes non sunt solitaria natura). We started off strong, everyone yelling their hearts out in an attempt to show their love for the JCL. The next day was, Planet of the Apes, my personal favorite day, and the TJCLer’s were dressed in bee wings which Yashu and I spent HOURS making. The rest of the week went on as planned, and many newbies became accustomed to spirit at national convention. “It was fun, but scary at first,” Hume-Fogg’s Isabel Sullivan recalls. On the final day, A Day in Old Rome: It’s Neptune’s World, we marched off to the critically acclaimed F A R G O D O M E, wearing our Togas and leis while holding hand-made tridents and screaming at the top of our lungs. “B- E-E-W-O-R-L-D” the delegation chants and during spirit awards we claim our glory as #1 Spirit in small delegations. I am so incredibly proud of Tennessee for making this dream a reality, and for everyone’s enthusiasm (especially our fearless spirit queen, Caradine Walker). The TJCL truly spread the JCLove at nats, and we can’t wait to show up and show out next year in V-A-V-A!! If you know, you know and if you don’t know, come join TJCL at Nats in summer 2020! by Georgia Fleming 13