TJCL Torch 2019 TJCL Fall Torch - Page 12

NJCL RESULTS 7th place - Ancient Geography IV 8th place - 50-yard Freestyle Sr. Boys 9th place - Reading Comprehension: Poetry IV 9th place - Reading Comprehension: Prose IV 10th place - Academic Heptathlon IV 10th place - Mottoes IV Grayson Cobb 2nd place - Roman Life II 6th place - Hellenic History II 10th place - Ancient Geography II Hannah Dodson 7th place - Illustrated Quotes 10 8th place - Latin Literature II Georgia Fleming 1st place - Photo of the Month Annie French 1st place - Chalk/Pastel 10-12 1st place - Ink 11-12 3rd place - Acrylic/Oil 12 4th place - 50-yard Backstroke Sr. Girls 4th place - 50-yard Breaststroke Sr. Girls 5th place - 100-yard Backstroke Sr. Girls 5th place - 200-yard Freestyle Sr. Girls 6th place - 50-yard Butterfly Sr. Girls 6th place - 50-yard Freestyle Sr. Girls 7th place - 100-yard Medley Sr. Girls 7th place - Reading Comprehension Poetry: V+ 8th place - Latin Vocabulary V+ 8th place - Reading Comprehension: Prose V+ Mark Hieatt 3rd place - Greek Derivatives II 6th place - Reading Comprehension: Level 2 9th place - Latin Vocabulary II 11