TJCL Torch 2019 TJCL Fall Torch - Page 10

CHAPTER UPDATES Salvete from the St. Mary’s NJCL Chapter! SMS We’ve had a great start here in Memphis. We teamed up with our school’s student council in a cookie fundraiser and sold a lot of cookies (one person sold 24 boxes alone!). We’ve also kicked off our early morning certamen practice! Latin III is pushing through Eutropius and our History of the Latin Language class is having a blast learning about the Proto-Indo-Europeans and how sounds and letters have changed through time. Valete, amici! - Ana Albrecht The Hume-Fogg JCL Chapter hit off with a great start this year, welcoming everyone back and bringing new members in! We have elected our chapter’s officers for this year and started planning for parties and service projects. Last week we gathered to make cards to reach out to our fellow JCL chapters at other schools and even reached out to schools that had Latin programs but with no JCL chapter to match! We will soon wish a happy birthday to Virgil in mid-October with a big celebration after fall break ends. - Isabel Sullivan HFA J C L 9