TJCL Torch 2019 Meet the Candidates - Page 9

Name: Saksham Saksena School: Houston High School Position Sought: Communications Coordinator Favorite Latin Quote: Carthago delenda est WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS OF OFFICE ? I want to expand our state's website. I plan to add more pictures of our state's activities, to include resources for everyone to use, and to create and advertise more videos to promote Latin and entertain all. WHAT DO YOU BEIEVE MAKES YOU A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR OFFICE ? A good candidate should have experience about his position and organization. I have had immense experiences in web designing. This will help me organize and expand our state website efficiently. I have also learned a lot about our organization in the last two years through one national and state convention. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE ? I have served as the Historicus at our local chapter. This position is a combination of coco and histo. In this position, I launched our first website. I have also been to one national and state convention prior to this convention. LIST ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF . I have lived a Roman life in my dreams.