TJCL Torch 2019 Meet the Candidates - Page 6

Name: Sophia Chang School: Brentwood High School Position Sought: Parliamentarian Favorite Latin Quote: Semper ubi sub ubi WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS OF OFFICE ? I want to study for the AP Latin exam, for which I am probably not prepared. Also, gloat to my brother. WHAT DO YOU BEIEVE MAKES YOU A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR OFFICE ? Not only have I attended Youth in Government, Congress, and MUN, but I have an adorable gavel and a strong love of parliamentary procedure. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE ? I am arts director of my club, I have served as presiding officer in congress, and I love organization. LIST ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF . I like cereal and water- don't judge until you've tried it!