TJCL Torch 2019 Meet the Candidates - Page 4

Name: Akbar Latif School: Memphis University School Position Sought: 1st VP Favorite Latin Quote: "Odi et amo, quare id faciam, fortasse requiris nescio, sed ieri sentio et excrucior" - Catullus 85 WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS OF OFFICE ? Gather a list of all schools that are no longer in TJCL (& that aren't in TJCL but have classics classes) and call them to join TJCL. I would also compose individual emails for each school. I would also develop 3 major service projects, and decide which charity to support. WHAT DO YOU BEIEVE MAKES YOU A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR OFFICE ? I am very outgoing. I am willing to work with everyone for the TJCL. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE ? This year is my 3rd year at TJCL convention. I am on track to take AP Latin next year, I know how to communicate clear & concisely. LIST ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF . I love to play the drums, and I am currently taking studio band as a class at school.