TJCL Torch 2019 Meet the Candidates - Page 10

Name: Ann Wilson School: St. Mary's Episcopal School Position Sought: Editor Favorite Latin Quote: "Carthago delenda est" - Cato the Elder WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS OF OFFICE ? I plan to start outlining my first edition of the Torch and reaching out to local chapter leaders for chapter updates. WHAT DO YOU BEIEVE MAKES YOU A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR OFFICE ? I have a strong passion for the JCL and Latin- I also have experience in graphic design from helping make my school's art and literature magazine. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE ? I created most publicity for my drama club, I was the stage manager of "42nd Street", I am assistant to my Latin club president, and I am my certamen team captain. LIST ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF . I am currently stage managing a production of "42nd Street"