TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 8

“What was your favorite moment of the week?” “Reminding the delegation, and everyone else, that the cheer is Funky Chicken. Not, well, you know…” It’s an unusual problem, I know, but by the third time someone from Texas asks you and you reply with that, it’s pretty normal. If you’re here to be convinced that the last week of July of every year is the best week of the year or that you’ll have the time of your life while simultaneously losing your voice, then you’ve come to the right Torch. But maybe you already agree and your post- convention depression brought you here. As second vice president, I spent the first two months of my summer and the entire week of Nationals in charge of spirit. Cheers, costumes, signs, you name it. As you may know, every year has a different theme, and this year’s was from Cicero’s De Amicitia. “Ego vos hortari tantum possum, ut amicitiam omnibus rebus humanis anteponatis,” is translated as, "I urge you, as much as I am able, to place friendship above all human issues." Each day of the convention also has a theme. In the fifteen minutes preceding General Assembly, we cheer, chant, and dress to impress the judges who decide our fate at the end of GA: First, second, or third. The first day of spirit was Tuesday, State Pride day. Even though this happens every year, every state has a creative new way to express their state pride. Wednesday was titled, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is purple and the other’s gold.” Our signs flew high and we each donned a purple t-shirt and gold bandana. Thursday was Cincinnatus had a Farm, where the delegation was dressed as Cincinnatus’s pigs. We snagged the third place prize. Friday was, what I like to call, Rock n’ Roll Toga day. It was actually Day in Old Rome and Rock n’ Roll day in the same day. That morning, my roommate and I prepared by inflating guitars and saxophones in our room at 3AM. Each day was an adventure. Your love for the classics only grows when you’re surrounded by a bunch of “hooligans” losing their voices to Millett Hall like you, to quote our President, Bella Taylor. Standing side by side with my fellow officers and working with every member of the friendliest delegation was a pleasure. While the awards were evenly distributed amongst the states this year, the most important thing was hearing, “I never thought I would enjoy spirit, but I actually had so much fun,” from a member of our delegation. Not to be cheesy, but spirit truly spreads the JCLove. Are you convinced yet? Hope Montgomery 2018-2019 TJCL 2nd Vice President