TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 4

A Message From the  Buckeye State Salvete, Amici! This July, Ohio had the pleasure of joining all of our JCL friends at Miami University for the 2018 National Junior Classical League convention. As the “home state” this year, we highly encouraged new students interested in the JCL to give NJCL a try. So whether you are new to the Classics or an experienced Latin scholar, here are our top 8 ways to make the most out of NJCL! 1. Bring All Weather Gear! Weather patterns are very unpredictable, and JCLers spend more time outside than one would think. Always keep a rain jacket nearby, and bring some warm clothing as well - despite the 90 degree temperatures, testing locations are notoriously chilly! 2. Scout Out the Quickest Routes!  Gaining a good concept of the campus on your first day is critical to not being late to events. If you don’t have much time to explore, check out how other JCLers are getting around - they might know a faster path. 3. Get Enough Sleep. Before you start bingeing Netflix with your roommate, take a hard look at the next day’s schedule. If you plan on participating in Track and Field events or early-morning testing, consider getting a few more hours of shut-eye instead. 4. Keep Your Doors Open. My goal at Miami was to meet and talk with every member of the Ohio delegation. Instead of resting between events in my room, I always stayed outside or in the common space between rooms. Just keep your door open. You’ll be surprised how many people will stop by to talk.  5. Check Out the NJCL Agora. I often hear from Ohio JCLers that they have never come to the NJCL Agora. It’s a great event - there are Latin books, fun t-shirts, and other small souvenirs for purchase. Plus, you can mingle with students from all over the country. Need some money for your local club? NJCL offers a broad audience of students to buy some JCL merchandise and support your club’s growth! 6. Take as Many Tests as Possible. This maxim is a bit cliché, but necessary nonetheless. New students in particular seem to be intimidated by testing sessions - whether it’s the long walk to the arena (looking at you, Millett Hall) or fear of doing poorly- and only take one or two tests per session. If a test seems difficult or obscure, it probably is for everyone! You may find out that your educated guesses can earn you a top finish. 7. Join an Inter-State Ludi Team. This year more Ohio delegates wanted to try their hand at Ultimate Frisbee than there were spots on a team. So we formed a joint Ohio - Louisiana team and had a blast. Not only did we learn a new sport, but we connected with a new state as well. 8. Stay in Touch With Your JCL Friends. Don’t forget to exchange emails, numbers, or Instagram accounts with the people you meet during convention. It is very encouraging to watch your friends around the country enjoy the Classics as much as you do. Thanks for reading my top 8 tips for enjoying your NJCL experience. I hope to see you in North Dakota at NJCL 2019! Grant Bruner OJCL President 2018-2019