TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 3

r o t i d E e h t m o r f r e t t e L A A Letter from the Editor Salvete, Amici! It is my great honor to serve as TJCL's Torch Editor for this year. It has been a privilege to hear from chapters all across Tennessee.  Thank you to everyone who submitted!  The Torch serves as a way for every TJCL chapter to have a voice. By submitting to the Torch, you will ensure that your chapter's voice will be heard throughout the state. Submissions can include (but are not limited to) creative writings, chapter updates, and  studying tips. Please refrain from using vulgarity, nudity, etc. in any submissions. All entries will receive points towards school sweepstakes. Submissions should be sent to Check the TJCL social media for deadlines! Additionally, TJCL will be starting a photo of the month contest in November. Each chapter may submit one photo to by the last day of the month. Every chapter submission will receive points towards school sweepstakes. Winners will be featured at the TJCL convention, included in the TJCL scrapbook, and announced on social media. I strongly encourage every chapter to submit to both the Torch and the photo of the month contest. If you have any questions, please contact me! Valete! Grayson Cobb, 2018-2019 TJCL Editor