TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 19

walking around at night so often that someone who knows you personally thinks you’re a werewolf?” Calpurnius’s eyes widened, and he forced out a laugh. “Quintus Volusius, you mean? Oh, he’s always been afraid of anything canine or lupine.” He paused, fear rising in his eyes. “You don’t actually think I’m…a werewolf, do you?” All shook their heads. Calpurnius turned his face towards the heavens. “Thank the gods!” “Still, what do you do, wandering around so late?” Asella asked. Calpurnius blushed. “Well, I can’t sleep…” “So you take your chances with robbers, drunks, and chamber pots?” Popillia asked, an eyebrow raised and her head cocked to the side. Calpurnius lowered his head and let go of Sextus’s knees. “Well…yes. I just need a long walk to sleep, a walk I cannot get in my garden.” “Caecilius could always get a good walk in his garden,” Popillia muttered. “I could see him at any given hour he had free in there.” “What were you doing stalking the neighbor?” Fortis asked with a slight chuckle. “Look,” Sextus cut both of them off, “Calpurnius, go on back home. We don’t mean you any harm, and we’re glad we got that man to leave you alone. Maybe we’ll see you again, maybe we won’t.  Just stay safe, okay?” Calpurnius stood and gratefully bowed. “I will head straight home and never go anywhere at night.” The four nodded and turned. In unison, they disappeared into the darkness, and Calpurnius ran back to his house, unaware that the four followed to be assured of his safety. Nora Reilly Blake Clarksville High School