TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 18

continued onwards, oblivious to his four pursuers. As Calpurnius rounded a bend, there was a grunt and a muffled shout. The four investigators looked at each other before Fortis and Popillia broke into a dead run. Each rounded the corner, and Asella and Sextus paused in shock while Fortis and Popillia charged, fists swinging. Calpurnius was pinned against the wall of a building by an even larger Helvetian brandishing a knife. His silver dagger was laying unhelpfully on the ground by his feet. He turned with shock and fear towards the running footsteps of Popillia and Fortis. The Helvetian turned and brought the knife up to Calpurnius’s throat. “Help me,” gasped Calpurnius. Fortis and Popillia glared at the Helvetian and stood in front of them, fists balled and ready to swing. Asella darted into the nearby alleyway and disappeared into the darkness. From the back, Sextus called out, “Let the man go! We have business with him, not you!” Calpurnius paled to a corpse’s complexion. “Oh, yeah?” sneered the Helvetian, though his eyes betrayed his fear at having to take on Fortis, Popillia, and possibly Calpurnius. “What f-” Asella leapt out of the nearest alleyway and grabbed a hold of the knife. She wrenched it away as Fortis and Popillia flew forward. Their fists collided with the robber’s face, and both legs came  flying up to kick. The man fell down to the ground. He wrapped his arms and legs around him to shield himself from the blows. Asella yanked both the knife and Calpurnius away. She threw the knife into another alleyway and kicked the dagger to Sextus, who picked it up. Calpurnius threw himself at Sextus’s knees and clung to them. Fortis and Popillia stomped on the Helvetian before Fortis grabbed him by the neck and hauled him into the air. “If we ever catch you running around, robbing people and threatening their lives, even the Emperor will not be able to stop our vengeance,” Sextus snarled. “I-I won’t! Please, just let me go!” “With pleasure,” growled Fortis. He slammed the man against the wall and watched him slump down. With a mighty cry, the Helvetian leapt up and ran down the street, terrified green eyes glanced back at them in fear. A sandal flew off his foot before he ducked into an apartment building. Even from down the street, they could hear the door slam. Popillia, Asella, and Fortis turned to Sextus, who stared down at the man clutching his knees. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Calpurnius gushed. “I’ll do anything to pay you back; anything, I swear!” “Anything?” Sextus asked.  “Yes, anything!” “Then, what have you been doing,