TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 16

Evening ESCAPADE “I can’t believe we got hired to do this.” “Please, just be quiet!” Popillia Bubulca rolled her hazel eyes at her brother, Sextus Popillius Bubulcus. The two were certainly old enough not to fall victim to such childish fighting, but the siblings did not seem to be aware of that. The two were crouched in an apartment building’s doorway, praying the darkness concealed them from their quarry and that the door would not open from behind and expose them. A full moon lit up the street in Subura, which was oddly quiet. Only a few pots had been emptied into the streets below, and the siblings had only seen one person pass by, a hulking monstrosity who certainly could take care of any bandits who dared to rob him. Popillia flopped down on the ground. Her biceps bulged as she crossed her pale arms, and she tossed her head, her frizzy, fair hair threatening to come loose from the bun that sat close to her forehead. Freckles stood out as she glared at her brother. “I still want to know why Volusius Maecianus wants us to see if-” Sextus shushed his sister once more. He ran an olive hand through his dark hair that curled close to the scalp before pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. Sometimes, he was positive that the only reason Popillia decided being an investigator was a good career choice was because she wanted to beat people up. The door across the street opened, and both siblings held their breath. The master of the house, Lucius Calpurnius Piso, stepped out into the street. Easily recognizable by his abnormally large, hairy frame, he looked intimidating. Neither sibling, not even bellicose Popillia, would want to be in a fight against him. But, if their employer was right about his nighttime escapades, they might end up in that position. Calpurnius stepped into the light of the full moon. The siblings held their breath and watched.