TJCL Torch 2018 Fall Torch - Page 13

Tennessee's Nationals Results Elizabeth Love 4th place, Hellenic History V+ 5th place, Classical Art V+ 5th place, Greek Life and Literature V+ Amirta Manikandan 2nd place, Essay - 11th Grade Prompt 1 9th place, Greek Derivatives IV 10th place, Greek Life and Literature IV Samantha McIntyre 7th place, Traditional Photo 11 Lily Oliver 7th place, Ink 7-9 8th place, Latin Derivatives I Andrew Pelham 1st place, Games 10-12 10th place, Roman Life III Saksham Saksena 2nd place, Small Models 7-9 3rd place, Latin Vocabulary I 3rd place, Games 7-9 3rd place, Jewelry 7-9 3rd place, Modern Myth - Middle Division 6th place, Pottery 7-9 7th place, Black Pencil 6-9 7th place, Greeting cards 7-10 9th place, Sculpture 7-10 10th place, Slogan Rena Shi 1st place, Charcoal 7-9 1st place, Mixed Media 7-9 2nd place, Open Certamen - Novice 6th place, Latin Derivatives I 9th place, Reading Comprehension 1/2 & 1 Jessica Shields 5th place, Dec. Stitching/Textiles 11 9th place, Essay - 11th Grade Prompt 3 Rachel Stahel 9th place, Reading Comprehension: Prose III Yashu Tang 5th place, Small Models 10 Bella Taylor 5th place, Traditional Photo 11 Caradine Walker 3rd place, Illustrated Quotes 10 3rd place, 400 Meter Sr. Girls Track