Tishrei | September 2021 - Page 28


P a t r i c i a J u s t e r
Never before has my spirit been so at war as it has been the last few months . So much is at stake , and it feels like the US is being weighed in the divine balance . We can remember when our son Samuel was on life support after the house fire and we were told by many of our godly friends to fight , to contend for his resurrection . None of the credible prophetic voices said that he would be resurrected , but they said we should fight because none of our prayers would fall to the ground .
The meaning of the word “ contend ” has been highlighted to me lately . At the end of the book of Job , God confronts Job and forcefully asks ,
“ Will the one who contends with Shaddai correct him ? Let him who accuses God answer !” ( 40:2 , TLV ) The word “ contend ” can denote a struggle against an idea or a person , or striving in a competition . It describes a wrestling to win .
Contending with God and together with God are different things . After Sammy died I spent years contending with God . He promised me … and now … was our faith not
enough ?
I came to a rude awakening : God is not in opposition to me or holding out on me ; we are on the same team .
How much prayer is enough ?
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