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make sure that you have the correct wattage in your light fixtures as well . The critical factor is to make sure that the light bulb ( or bulbs ) inserted into a light fixture or lamp does not exceed the maximum wattage rating of the fixture . Unfortunately , during autumn there is a noticeable increase in home fires caused by improper candle use and the incorrect light bulb wattage , so please be mindful of all safety precautions .
Baby , it ’ s cold outside !
Autumn is a time of catching colds . Similarly , it ’ s important that you have a coat that keeps you warm and dry . Mainly , because the sudden seasonal change throws our bodies off and makes them more susceptible to viruses . Socks , warm house shoes , wool hats , and sweaters are all great articles to keep at home during the fall . It ’ s also a good idea to keep warm clothes in your vehicle just in case your car breaks down while it ’ s cold or wet outside . Like mom always said , “ It ’ s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it .”
Also , make sure that you have adequate insulation in your home to maintain a heated home during the cold months . Even if you have the heat on high , if your house isn ’ t insulated properly , you ’ re not gaining anything . Because the hot air you ’ re pumping into your house is just escaping , leaving the cold air to harm your senior ’ s body . Make sure all windows are fully secured and insulated . It ’ s also a good idea to keep some warm throw blankets around the house , for the chillier evenings .
I like to “ Move It , Move It !” Another great way to prevent from getting sick this autumn is to regulate and maintain a healthy activity and sleeping routine .
Fall and winter are the most important seasons to keep your body moving . Practicing yoga , taking a short walk , or outdoor lawn maintenance can lower your chances of getting sick and help you sleep better . It can also reduce your risk of falling by promoting strong muscles and healthy joints . Fall is gorgeous but falling leaves and winter weather can make outdoor spaces dangerous for unsteady seniors . If you ’ re a senior and still maintaining your own yard , be sure to stretch and use your legs to prevent injuries to your neck or back while landscaping . On the other hand , sleep is a crucial part of keeping your immune system healthy . Sleep allows your body to recover and repair itself and fight off illnesses . Rest can also keep your mind sharp and alert and leave you feeling happier and more refreshed for your daily routine .
Good company warms the heart
As the weather gets colder , and the days get darker , it ’ s common for people to spend less time with friends , and more time alone . While alone time can be great for rejuvenation , too much alone time can really impact a person ’ s mental and emotional well-being .
Whether you live alone or with a spouse or other loved one , be sure you are getting ample social time to keep cheery . Facetime is the perfect way to chat at a distance , or you might enjoy weekly visits with friends and loved ones .
Autumn is a time of renewal and new interests . Prepare yourself for the colder weather and more time spent indoors . Being careful will mean more time to enjoy the season .
• Kimberly Gowdy is a FCS Agent III for the Mississippi State University-Extension Service , Lauderdale County .
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