Timeless October/November 2021 - Page 22

going to turn out right ,” she said . “ You have to have some things down first .”
Sanders describes herself as a Southern cook , specializing in things like cooking meat and vegetables – often fresh from someone ’ s garden . She also makes her own seasonings .
“ I don ’ t do all this new stuff ,” she said . “ You aren ’ t coming to my house for no Alfredo ! But I sure can make fried chicken , ham , pork chops and turkey . And I am going to have the vegetables , like collard greens and peas , butter beans and squash . If it ’ s Southern cooking , I can do it , and you know it ’ s going to be good .”
She also enjoys making desserts , including pound cake , sweet potato pie , and both chocolate and coconut cakes . Sanders said that these days , she mostly cooks by following her tastebuds . When she has food at a restaurant or someone else ’ s house , she will later try to cook it herself , with some tweaks .
“ I listen to my own tastebuds ,” she said . “ We all have our own taste , the way we like things . When I cook , I listen to my tastebuds and decide what I want to add in there .”
Sanders is proud to say that today , her family – including her grandchildren – adore her food .
“ I think about what they like ,” she said . “ If someone doesn ’ t like onions , I ’ m not going to put onions in there . I will work around that .”
Sometimes , she says she writes down recipes after she makes them , noting who ate the dish and what they enjoyed about it .
“ If they like it , then I may want to make it the same way again ,” she said . “ I had to learn to write things down because I don ’ t always remember what I do .”
In recent years , the 65-year-old said her cooking has slowed some . Because of a lawnmower accident she had a few years back that claimed multiple toes , standing for extended periods of time can be painful . When she cannot stand anymore , she pulls up a chair and keeps on cooking .
She also has grappled mightily with the sudden loss of her son a few years ago . For years , they cooked together . And when she struggled after her accident , he often cooked for her . “ Sometimes I feel bad because I