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Older adults whose children have grown up often look forward to the next stages in life , which may involve retirement , downsizing and enjoying visits with their grandchildren . A growing number of aging adults may find themselves playing a key role in their grandchildren ’ s lives . According to data from the U . S . Census Bureau , 2.7 million grandparents across the country are stepping into parental roles for their grandkids . Some assist their adult children while others have become the primary caregivers . Factors like military deployment , illness , incarceration , and substance abuse are forcing grandparents to take on responsibilities they may have thought were over . PBS reports that , between 2009 and 2016 , the number of grandparents raising grandchildren in the United States rose by 7 percent .

Although raising the next generation can bring about many rewards , including security , sense of purpose , a deeper relationship with family , and social interaction , there are many obstacles as well . That includes the financial strain that raising children can place on individuals unprepared for the cost of child-rearing . Census figures also show that about onefifth of grandparents caring for children have incomes that fall below poverty level . Grandparents may be rusty concerning safety requirements and equipment now needed to care for grandchildren as well .
As grandparents navigate the unexplored waters of raising grandchildren , there are certain factors they need to consider .
Legal advice or advocacy
Certain circumstances may require grandparents to seek legal help so they can raise their grandchildren in lawful ways . If there is neglect , divorce , arrest , or other factors , it may be a smart idea for grandparents to seek the help of an attorney or advocacy group to clarify their legal rights and ensure access to
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More and more grandparents are stepping into parental roles for their grandkids .
grandchildren . In addition , grandparents may need certain legal documents , such as a power of attorney , citizenship papers , adoption records , or consent forms .
Get educated
The rules have changed since grandparents raised their own children . It is important they learn as much as possible on child safety guidelines . Consumer advocacy groups or pediatricians can help explain how guidelines have changed . New furniture and toys that meet current safety guidelines may have to replace older , unsafe items .
Take care of yourself
Raising grandchildren can be emotionally taxing , especially if poor circumstances led to the grandchildren being placed with family . It is crucial to recognize feelings and one ’ s own health when caring for others . A grandparent who is exhausted or overwhelmed may not offer the appropriate care . Emphasizing one ’ s own mental and physical health is essential , as is getting help and advice when it ’ s most needed . The organization AARP recommends compiling a list of support services , such as respite care providers , counselors and support groups .
Grandchildren will have feelings , too
Children , whether they are old enough to understand or not , may react to change differently . Some children may act out while others may grow detached . Grandparents can focus on providing stable environments and offer support and consistency even if grandchildren are withdrawing or pushing their loved ones away with words or actions .
Raising grandchildren can be complicated , but it has become more prevalent . It can take time for these new family units to find their grooves . More information is available at www . aarp . org in their GrandFamilies Guide . T