Timeless October/November 2021 - Page 12

“ I think they have a lot of grit and nerve ,” he said . “ My granddaughter has impressed me with her willingness to hunt from an early age . She doesn ’ t want her brother to do anything that she can ’ t do and I admire her willingness to get in there – her bravery .”
He said the time spent with his grandchildren probably enriches his life even more than it does theirs .
“ The memories are priceless ,” he said . “ There is nothing like seeing their face when they kill that first deer or catch that first fish , regardless of the size . My grandchildren , when they caught their first fish it might as well have been a 10- pound bass . The size didn ’ t matter . It just mattered because it was important to them .”
Moore also is a big believer in showing up . He said he tries to attend all of his grandchildren ’ s extracurricular events , including basketball and football games , as well as gymnastics and dance events .
“ Whatever it is that they are doing , I make sure that I involve myself in it ,” he said . “ Regardless of what it is , they know I will go , first because I like to go and I enjoy seeing them do what they are doing , and also because I know that they look for me to be there . Showing up is important .”
Moore said he and his wife try to have the grandchildren come and spend the night frequently . He cooks out and they all bake together . He also enjoys playing games and having movie nights .
“ We always find fun things to do ,” he said .
Moore said he thinks more parents and grandparents should make spending time with children a priority .
“ There is something that is missing in so much of society today ,” he said . “ And for grandparents , I think sometimes they don ’ t know anything about their grandchildren . They don ’ t take the time to really get to know them and their personalities . But the thing about grandchildren – like children – is that they grow up quickly . You can ’ t wait for tomorrow . You have to do today , while you can .” T