Timeless October/November 2021 - Page 10


The Outdoorsy Type

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore passes life lessons to grandchildren through hunting and fishing

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore has seen plenty of young people who lacked connections with loving , caring adults . And that ’ s one reason the 61-year-old says he has committed himself to spending time hunting and fishing with his grandchildren . “ Honestly , I wanted them to get off video games and get out and do something ,” he said . “ I knew that those relationships would be more likely to be built out in nature . I also believe that we live in a beautiful place . I hope that it is a tradition that they want to continue one day with their own children and even grandchildren . I hope it becomes a family tradition , for sure .” Moore himself learned to hunt and fish from an uncle , Willie Cunningham , who he is still close to today . “ If it hadn ’ t been for my uncle , I probably would have been an adult before I had the chance to try hunting and fishing ,” he recalled . “ I love my uncle to death . He is a great guy .” Before he became a grandfather , Moore hunted with his son . “ I started my son on it and he loves it ,” he said . “ We still hunt and fish together all the time . Then , we introduced my grandchildren to it , and they absolutely love it , too .”

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore , center , with grandchildren , from left : Kade , 4 , King , 8 , Jayde , 9 , and Jase , 14 .