Timeless January-March 2022 - Page 6


LOVE in the second half of life

Stories by Glenda Sanders • Contributing Writer Photos by Michael Spears

The whole world seems obsessed with love during the month of February , and senior adults are no exception . Love after 50 can be more fulfilling than at any other stage in life . Less encumbered by the stress of raising a family and building a nest egg , couples say they tend to appreciate each other and their relationship more as a senior couple than when they were younger . Their love tends to be more mature and open minded and less judgmental with age . They also have a better understanding of themselves and what they want in a relationship , so their expectations are more realistic .

But starting over with love after 50 and after a divorce or the loss of a spouse can be an intimidating task . How do you go about meeting someone new ? What is it like to go on a date ? Do you split the bill or drive yourself to the date ?
Meeting Mr . or Mrs . Right is a challenge at any age but having the courage to take the first step is a start . Many senior adults suggest looking in your church family or joining a program like Meridian Community College ’ s Lifetime Quest or the Meridian Senior Activity Center to meet new and interesting people . Reconnect with friends from the past or ask family and friends if they know of anyone who would be a match . Try an online dating site like Christian Mingle or be prepared for love to find you unexpectedly one day .
On the following pages meet four Meridian couples who found love again in the second half of life . Each used a different channel to meet and fall madly in love with their new partner .
They suggest taking it slow and making sure you get to know the other person before you make any commitment . Don ’ t fall for someone who just sweeps you off your feet . Make sure they care about what you want , too , and consider your opinions and feelings . Make sure you are compatible and enjoy doing the same things . Make sure you can tolerate each other ’ s shortcomings .
While falling in love after 50 can make you feel as giddy as when you fell in love in your 20s , be realistic with yourself and each other when it comes to whether you are looking for a husband or wife or whether you just want to love someone and to be loved . Not every romance has to lead to a wedding day due to financial reasons or complications from family commitments .
So , if you are over 50 and want to give love another shot , these couples say to keep an open mind , be patient and trust that God will lead you to your soulmate .