Timeless January-March 2022 - Page 16

After their chance encounter they started dating long distance . They held daily phone conversations or Facetime calls .
“ We would start our mornings off with prayer and scripture and we would send it to each other ,” Atterberry Lewis said . “ We would send each other music throughout the day whether it was gospel or a love song or a song we would hear , and it would make us think of something we liked about the other one .” The couple met in Cincinnati for a long weekend . “ After the Cincinnati trip and we got to know each other better , my feelings grew and I think her feelings grew also ,” he said . “ We got along so well , and we realized we were a good match .”
Lewis moved to Meridian in March 2021 and proposed the following month on her birthday . They wed in front of their children , grandchildren and family at the Hamasa Temple Shrine in Marion on Dec . 4 , a day after Lewis turned 69 .
“ If we had crossed paths years ago , we probably would not be where we are now . It was all in God ’ s timing to connect us the way He did ,” noted Atterberry-Lewis .
“ My younger self would be pleased my dream finally came true , but I probably would not be as content as I am now if we had connected back then ,” she added . “ Would I have dated him when he was living in Michigan ? No , not with the long distance .”
Atterberry-Lewis , 62 , works in the Human Resources Department at Rush Health Systems . Lewis , who is retired from his job in Michigan , works at Rush Health Systems Materials Management . Together , they have 19 grandchildren and one great-grandchild .
When not working , the couple loves spending time together with family , shopping or traveling to visit relatives in Michigan , Cincinnati , Memphis , New York among other places . They enjoy doing things to please each other because they are happy to finally be together .
“ He is a great person , very caring , very lovable ,” she said . “ He is family oriented , and I am , too , so we are both similar when it comes to family and doing for others .” Atterberry-Lewis encourages others looking for love to not give up their dream . “ Be patient , trust God and remember dreams do come true because this was my dream ,” she said . T
“ She is just such a happy person and good to be around . She has always had a good spirit . I have always been attracted to her because of that and the way she carries herself .”