Timeless January-March 2022 - Page 10

we have been together ,” he said .
They talk on the phone at least two or three times a day , and he drives up from his home in Alabama every two weeks to see her . He helps with errands around her house . They take his fishing boat out and drift down river . He is devoted to Alabama football , and she cheers for Ole Miss .
The two also share a mutual love of traveling and have crisscrossed the United States . A trip out West took them through seven national parks . They visited his son in St . John in the Canadian province of Newfoundland . They traveled the east coast to Maryland to see her daughter , then made a side trip to Shanksville , Pennsylvania , to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial before going to Niagara Falls .
“ I just can ’ t stress enough how wonderful he is to me ,” Alawine said . “ He is just so pleasant . He is a Christian man . He is a wonderful friend . He is the kindness person I have ever met .” Alawine bought him a book of poetry for Christmas in 2015 . “ Every night at 8 o ’ clock my phone rings and he reads me what the poem is for that day ,” she said . “ When the end of the year comes , he starts back over at Jan . 1 .”
Shewmake said they are starting on their seventh year reading the book .
The couple is comfortable with their relationship at present and do not discuss the future . But in 2017 , Shewmake wanted Alawine to know how much she means to him . He took her back to Dickey ’ s for their anniversary and surprised her with a diamond engagement ring .
“ I was saying the blessing and I ran out of words and was stumbling all over the place . She couldn ’ t figure out what was wrong ,” he recalled . “ The whole time I was reaching in my pocket to pull out the ring and I ended up slipping it on the wrong finger . I was so nervous . But I wanted her to know how much I love her .” T