Time to Roam Magazine Issue 11 - October/November 2014 - Page 19

| upfront feature For generations of Australians Viscount is synonymous with caravans. For the first time, two of the key people behind the company’s success tell all, including the reasons for its downfall. In the 1970s when Aussies sang of their love for football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holdens, odds were that close behind the car was a Viscount caravan. Viscount brought mass production to the industry, making stylish and durable caravans affordable for average families for the first time. At its peak in 1978, not long after taking over arch-rival Millard, Viscount accounted for three out of every four caravans and campers sold. No one could have foreseen that just a few years later the company would be on the ropes, desperately struggling to stay in the game. The story began in 1956 when John and Maureen Carr arrived in Adelaide with not much more than a suitcase. She was just 19 and he was 24. The newlyweds > continued on page 20 Issue 11 Oct/Nov 2014 19