TIME. Spring 2019 - Page 10

future, we will miss out on all the things God is teaching us in the here and now. For medical students, this may mean fighting the temptation to move on to the next rotation. When I was on my surgery rotation, all I wanted to do was progress to the next one. But I fought that mentality fiercely, with Scripture and prayer. I prayed simply, Lord, please teach me and use me where You’ve placed me. Help me to love You and love others right here, right now. That same week, I met an elderly woman who was in need of a comforting presence. She had been in and out of the hospital for various medical conditions and lived alone by herself. She looked like she needed someone to sit with her and listen, and I could feel God pushing me to be that kind of person for her. I truly believe that He puts specific people in our lives accord- ing to His timing and ways. We must recognize that in every season, God is using that time and place in which He has put us for His glory and our good. For college students, here’s a call to embrace the season you are in, too. Maybe you desper- ately want midterms or finals to be over (and that’s not nec- essarily a bad thing—maybe you do have tons of papers and exams, and you’re in need of respite and sleep). But what if He places someone right next to you in that class or in the library, and He wants you to share kindness and love with that person? Perhaps, also, God is refining you and teaching you through these times of trial and fire. And He will never leave you nor forsake you. So in any season of life, in any moment, He is with you always. There is respite and refuge for us right there, even in the hardest of times. So whether you’re rotating through a tough field or wanting to switch clinics, whether it’s cramming for a final in the SciLi or wanting to leave the cold New England weather for Cali- fornia, let’s embrace where God has called us, in the here and now. 10 Spring 2019 God has you. He makes all things work together for our good. That includes making the bitter into the sweet, making all things beautiful in their time. Our mountain top moments, our deepest lows, and everything in between—God can and will make all things beautiful. This is the day the Lord has made. This is the season of life God has placed you in right now. Lord, I pray You give us fresh eyes to see what You’re doing in this season of life right now. I pray You help us see Your goodness and mercies each day, and to remember that each moment is a gift from You. Teach us how to live with Godly contentment and gratitude, knowing that You hold all the chapters of our lives in Your hands. In the beautiful name of Jesus Christ, we pray, amen. Anna Delamerced is a third year medical student at the Warren Alpert Medical School.