TIME. Spring 2019 | Page 30

Thread Kaitlan Bui The whole world is made out of thread, All tangled in one heaping ball, But God picked apart all the little, thin strings To sew tapestry for His wall. We're all one small part of the picture, One single piece of the wall. And yet, it's unfinished without us— Without one of us, the tapestry falls. We're all secured tightly together, No matter what some people say. One thing only leads to another; One rip makes the whole picture fray. The strings have a purpose together, Though we, in our place, see no frame. From the Artist's perspective, a grand story is told, All of His frail threads loved the same. All the simple colors mix finely, Lone threads, many hundred, entwine, And stories are told, and scenes are made bold From thousands of bare, simple lines. Deep greens color forests, blues feed the sky, And flowers are made crimson red, And one giant tapestry hangs on God's wall, And one world is made out of thread. Kaitlan Bui is a freshman intending to concentrate in English. Shore, Kathy Luo '19 30 Spring 2019