TIME. Spring 2019 | Page 18

moved to fight for justice? Is it not by one’s decision, however constraining the circumstances may be, that one is moved to perform some good deed? And, is it not one’s genuine and free acceptance of the free gift of salvation that, in Christ, not only outweighs but eternally cancels every possible evil? If all of this is so, is it not then reasonable to conclude that our God-given human willingness—or our capacity to choose this infinite good—marks the beginning of every good and the agent by which this ultimate outweighing good comes about? For, while we see absolute evil, God sees a redemption that ne- gates it. While we see pain, God sees a healing that triumphs over it. And while we see hopelessness and despair, God sees hearts that might receive an eternal hope, but only if they are willing. And that they might be willing, God gave them the capacity to choose; and this, itself, be the greatest good of all. Josiah Jordan '18 is a first year Master's student at the Yale Divinity School. Glint, Liana Chaplain '21 18 Spring 2019