Timber iQ October - November 2017 // Issue: 34 | Page 12

One fine example showcasing engineered wood product capabilities is the Metropol Parasol in Seville , Spain . Image : David Franck

Ultralam , Laminated Veneer Lumber - takes a stand

From industrial warehouses to high rise commercial buildings , engineered wood specialist group Universal Plywoods is now building longer and stronger with engineered wood products like Ultralam LVL .

With the rising costs of steel and concrete as well as the combined carbon footprint of both at astronomical levels , architects and builders are seeking new , sustainable alternatives to the traditional methods from the past .

Wood technology and engineered wood products have advanced . We are now able to build multi-storey commercial high-rise buildings using Laminated Veneer Lumber ( LVL ). Ultralam LVL is an engineered wood product that is extruded and has physical and mechanical properties surpassing solid timber and Glulam . It is produced in the form of boards and billets , with options of several different types of veneer orientation and grades with a wide range of sizes . Ultralam LVL is certified according to European , Russian , Australian and US quality standards .
One fine example showcasing engineered wood product capabilities is the Metropol Parasol in Seville , Spain .
Metropol Parasol is one of the most visionary urban timber projects in the world and was designed by the award-winning German architectural firm J Mayer H in Berlin . The construction reaches a height of 28m and covers a surface area of around 11 000m . The structure consists of glued cross-ply LVL panels arranged in an orthogonal grid to a spacing of 1.5 x 1.5m . The thickness of the panels ranges from 68mm to 311mm and the largest of about 3 400 wooden parts measures 16.5m high by 3.5m wide and is constructed out of Laminated Veneer Lumber also commonly known as LVL .
Products such as LVL , on top of having original visual aesthetics , can also live up to modern fire codes . In a fire , LVL panels develop a thin char layer , which protects the wood underneath from igniting . As an Engineered Wood Product , LVL is naturally fire resistant and , unlike structural steel , can be designed so that it requires no additional fire protection .
LVL is used in roof trusses , timber framing , structural timber columns , shear walls , internal panelling and interior stairs .