Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Sivan | May 2023 | Page 7


Honoring the One Who Is Worthy

It is an all too common experience . You prepare a fragrant , steaming cup of coffee or tea , sit down with your Bible and journal laid out beside you , and turn on some soft worship music in the background . You woke up early just so that you could make sure you didn ’ t get distracted today and set aside at least a half hour before you need to get ready for school or work . Yet , no sooner did you sit down , a notification pops up on your phone . . . well , just one look . The one look turns into 5 minutes of scrolling aimlessly . “ Ok , focus !” as you put the phone down and again pick up your Bible .
After reading a few verses , the dog or cat lets you know that they are also up early with you this morning and demands your attention . You take the dog out or feed the cat . Another 5 minutes goes by . Back to the chair . As you read a few more verses , you start to think about the things you don ’ t want to forget as you get ready for work or school . Your mind wanders to think about the day ’ s agenda . Wow , another 5 minutes has passed already ? “ I have to make sure that this last 15 minutes counts ,” and you commit with subdued hopefulness .
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