Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Sivan | May 2023 | Page 20


In our culture today , humility is a word which is often not spoken , or a characteristic rarely seen . Where Ya ’ akov ( James ) 4:10 exhorts , “ Humble [ ourselves ] in the sight of Adonai , and He shall lift you up ,” ( TLV ), the world generally responds with silence . Within the still world and even many churches , humility is a posture less traveled and even less honored in our post-biblical society . Where humility was once held in the highest esteem , today , our culture in and outside of the Body tends to value “ self ” over service and “ identity ” over holiness .
Counter to what we see , in the late 1800 ’ s we find a different example in D . L . Moody , one of the great evangelists and revivalists of the day and at the time , the leader of renowned Bible Conferences in Northfield , Massachusetts . At the time , these conferences drew hungry leaders from around the world in hopes of being discipled and equipped for the work of the Kingdom . One year a large group of
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