Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Sivan | May 2023 | Page 11

In The Secret Place

Full disclosure up front , ready for it ? In recent months , I have been increasingly aware of how challenging it has become to quiet all my thoughts and just get into a still space with the Lord where nothing else matters . It ’ s the place where He does what only He is designed to do , in the secret place , where He satisfies that deepest part of our hearts , that no living thing can get to and no man-made thing can compete with it . This is so rich and so very good .
Why does the secret place matter so much ?
Well , for starters you don ’ t have to be a believer to see that we are living in an era where most people would recognize that there is something seriously wrong . The morals of many people are off the rails , and we are living in unprecedented times . Our need to sit with the Lord , the ability to hear the Holy Spirit and the desire to be shepherded by His voice , is really the only thing that will differentiate us from the world . But it ’ s more than that , if we are to become who we are truly designed to be , full and complete in Him , then entering into the secret place with Yeshua must be a regular practice in our lives .
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