Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 8 Nisan | April 2022 - Page 19

Pesach and a Year of Recovery and Restoration

The year 2022 , or 5782 if you prefer ( just don ’ t note that at the top of your checkbook !) is proving to be a year of recovery and restoration , I believe . We also have the opportunity this year , as we did in 2018 , to enjoy the overlap of the Gregorian and Rabbinic calendars for Passover and Easter . The first night of Passover is also Good Friday , and First Fruits ( Bikkurim ) is the same day as Easter Sunday .
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Paul Wilbur
As many of you may have heard , the celebration of this “ calendar collision ” brought with it some amazing events and understanding here at Celebration Church in Jacksonville , Florida that continue to play out four years later .
Just in case you are not familiar with the events I am referring to , let me briefly summarize here for the sake of context . In 2018 I was following my usual ministry schedule of travel when I was extended an invitation to speak at the mega-church we had attended for some years . It was Passover / Good Friday evening and I was asked to minister in the main service . We had been doing our “ First Friday ” Erev