Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 28

I dreamt of bridges crossing waters , whether troubled or untroubled I do not remember but they were beautiful , into hamlets and towns where people each lived their independent lives that I know not of . I dreamt of each leaf that I beheld in the hills and towns and campuses as it transformed through its seasons of colors .
Who can count up all the colors , all the transformations of the leaves ? Who can remember all the pictures I took , all the good things I experienced in this one night of dreams , let alone in this one day I have lived ?
Toward the end I arrived at the house where I was staying . It was a rowhouse . Eventually I recognized it was one in the neighborhood of rowhouses in Philadelphia where I had lived as a boy . Rowhouses may seem monotonous , but each one has its own family and its own stories . Mine had a breezeway . Each one has two stories and a basement , and ours was finished . I had deposited things I had collected in my dreams ( all in one night ) throughout the house , in every room . I knew that before I left , I had to pack , but I kept going outside and having more dreams and gathering them up to bring in .
So near the end were boxes of sweet tastes , so many photographs to label , and so many laundry bags to stuff with clothes I had worn , and sheets and pillowcases on which I had slept . As I awoke , though I had intended to put things I had worn in cloth laundry bags , I realized all of them were clean ! None of them needed washing , only cherishing and rejoicing over it !
I awoke hearing the song Goodness of God as I sobbed for joy .
Yes , and again I say , rejoice ! No matter what the circumstances or trials of life - Rejoice !
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