Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 24

Some of what I write may challenge you and ruffle your feathers , especially if you have learned your eschatology from the Church . But with this , I earnestly ask you to seek the Lord and have an open mind towards this new way of thinking , as God is definitely doing something new during these days . May we be like the tribe of Issachar and like the Bereans who discerned the will of God and responded accordingly .
The Romans 911 Project teachings which I ’ ve developed ( and am drawing from ) are tools that support the Restoration and the necessary reforms needed in the Ecclesia / Church to prepare His Bride for His return . In this Reconnection I would also challenge ALL believers , Jew and Gentile alike , to find their destiny in this calling and to move towards excellence in the faith to partner with the Lord for His endtime plans to restore the Earth to
Himself .
In my next article , I will look at the obstacles that are holding us back from greater love and unity in our calling as the One New Man . This is going to be a fun ride , and I pray that you will join in on this journey .
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