Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 23

However , at this time the Church must come to understand in these days , that for the Bride , Yeshua is coming back not for the Gentile ( and Gentile Church ) alone , but instead for both he Messianic Jewish community and Gentile Church in the One New Man . Just as Yeshua / Jesus has said that , He will not come back UNTIL they ( Israel ) says , “ Baruch haba b ’ shem Adonai ” ( Matthew 23:39 ), so Gentile believers must learn to walk out their calling as part of the One New Man for Israel to be saved !
In addition , and of great significance to this understanding and plan is that if the Gentile side of our family are the chosen vessel of God ( along with us Jewish believers ), with the mercy it has received from God to reach the Jewish people ( cf . Romans 11 : 30-31 ), then before the veil can come up from our people , it has FIRST to be lifted from the Gentile Church to awaken her into this significant role .
In accomplishing this great call , first , we need to be willing to allow the Father to restore love and unity between Israel ( the Jewish people ) and His children from the nations , to Reconnect us to one another in love as seen in the words Yeshua prayed in John chapter 17 . This fulfillment will bring us all to completion . The Father ’ s Heart is for His family to be ONE , that He may ultimately release the greater Glory upon us to help finish the task in bringing in the full number of Gentiles , and to save our people .
Indeed , a shift will transpire in the Body of Messiah to restore the Church back to Israel in the Holy Spirit , for us to embrace one another ( Jewish and Gentile believers ) along with our unique expressions of faith , and so that the Gospel will once again be positioned to the Jew first , and then to the Greek to release its greater power ( Romans 1:16 ).
The Messianic body must also awaken and properly Reconnect with the Church . Both sides of the Olive Tree are in great need of His love and His liberty . After all , doesn ’ t Yeshua always get what He prays for ? And He has prayed that His family would be one once again ( John 17 ).
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