Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 22

On February 3rd , 1985 , my spiritual journey began and was marked by a pursuit of thankfulness to our Master , King Yeshua , who had set me free . My life had been ransomed , bought with a price , and on that day the focus of my life changed , where I no longer wanted to serve myself , and instead desired to serve God and bring Him Glory .
Of my spiritual journey , you can read more of this in my first book , “ The New Covenant Prophecy ,” which with my story , sets a foundation for helping Jewish people understand the Gospel from a Jewish perspective , and assist Christians in understanding many of the obstacles which Jews people face before we even get close to considering Yeshua as the Messiah .
This book is a great read for Jewish people who are opening up to the faith .
Over the course of almost 40 years in the faith , and from pretty early on in my walk , the Lord began to download to me a message of Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man ( TONM ). Of this message , the calling of the One New Man is set in the message that Israel ’ s spiritual rebirth will come through His Ecclesia , or Gentile Church .
This message is quite different from what most of the Church has understood up until this time , yet God ’ s will is that we might be fully reconciled as both Jews and Gentiles in the love of the Messiah , and with all races and tongues , as we are led into our end-time roles .
This message ( concerning the One New Man ) came to me from Adonai on the very day of the birth of my firstborn son in 1990 is detailed in the first chapter of my second book , “ The Ezekiel Generation ,” yet the unfolding of this prophetic vision was not for that time period . Indeed , it has been a journey of study and understanding through the Holy Spirit that has led me to this time now as this mystery is to be fully unveiled to the Body of Messiah , which is coming to light now through our Messianic Jewish family . A message , in fact , which has been hidden up to this point during the Church age .
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