Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 17

From this passage , we can see how we as believers in Yeshua might be called to stand in the gap and in prayer as God ’ s people . Is God calling you to stand in the gap for His people ?
Regarding this , Ezekiel prophesied ,
“ I searched for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand in the breach before Me for the land , so that I would not destroy it , but I found no one .” ( Ezekiel 22:30 )
There was no one in Ezekiel ’ s day , but today , Adonai is raising up an army of those who in Messiah Yeshua will stand .
At a point of great urgency and need , Esther wisely called on the entire Jewish community to fast and pray with her for three days .
Then she said in Esther 4:16 ,
“ Go ! Gather together all the Jews who are in Shushan and fast for me . Do not eat or drink for three days , night or day . My maids and I will fast in the same way . Afterwards , I will go in to the king , even though it is not according to the law . So , if I perish , I perish !”
As the story unfolds , a great victory
occurred ,
destruction .
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